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The hashrate seems to be slightly better than that Sia Go Miner that uses OpenCL and also works on Nvidia GPUs.

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The SiaCoin is also available for mining in a more traditional way, so you might want to try that as well as an alternative way for obtaining the crypto currency token used by the service instead of trading it on an exchange.So if you are mining LBC with Nvidia GPUs, then you might wan to update to the new release in order to get slightly better hashrate.Join the club for all things bitcoin and altcoin related topics.

Contributed disk storage is shared all over the world by users from spare capacity in their computers to.The new version 1.8.1 also comes with small improvement in the LBRY hashrate improvements (by alexis78) over the previous release 1.8 that introduced Library Credits mining.Welcome to the evolution of currency, to a new era of payments.Currently SiaCoins can be mined using a GPU miner, an OpenCL one that works on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs, though it should be faster on AMD-based video cards.Dedicating 100 GB does not mean that they will be instantly filled at the moment even if you set a very low price of just 10 SiaCoins, it is wise to see what is the average price at the moment and base yours accordingly in order to get contracts as well as for them to be profitable.Stable, anonymous, user-friendy zcash pool with great user interface. 1.5 hours PPLNS, 1% commission, regular payouts, min payout 0.01 ZEC.

Official ccMiner 1.8.1 fork by tpruvot With SiaCoin (SC) Support.

The new ccMiner 1.8.1 adds support for mining Siacoin (SC) on Nvidia GPUs using CUDA, SIA uses Blake2-B algorithm, though at the moment different pools still seem to rely on different protocols for mining and not all of them are yet supported by ccMiner.How To Save on Taxes and Time When Transferring Ethereum (ETH).You can mine Siacoins, renting out storage space to earn Siacoins, and use Sia platform to cheaply.

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Quote from: xiahui135 on June 04, 2015, 08:56:26 am There are two coins created by Sia.Quote from: gs02xzz on April 21, 2015, 02:09:02 pm Sianotes redemption is open - Quote from: Taek on April 20, 2015, 09:08:20 pm The time has come for people to start redeeming their sianotes.

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All About BTC, LTC, ETH mining as well as other alternative crypto currencies.The Lyra2RE support has also been updated with the with the Nanashi Meiyo-Meijin improvements, so it should be faster than before.

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DashMiner is a unique AMD GPU mining multipool: Excellent profits: we quickly add new coins, we have a fast mining kernel, we can switch between coins and algorithms.

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The following is a quick start guide of mining SiaCoin on Windows 7 or greater x64.

Sia uses SiaCoin, a crypto currency token that is used for getting contracts to store your files as well as to get paid for sharing your free disk space.Transactions count, value, Siacoins sent, difficulty, blocks count, network hashrate, market capitalization.

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Here you set your price in SiaCoin per GB per month and the amount of free space you want to have available for sale and start waiting for getting contracts from people that need space. Analyzed Sites at WhatIsDomain.Net

Blake2s hashing - example: TAJCOIN - CoinJoker