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I updated my Qt libraries and added the qt-devel packages so that I could expirement. skype suddenly complains about Qt. qt-3.3.8-2.fc6.src.rpm Size.CentOS: Fixing Ugly KDE Fonts. rpm -ivh qt-3.3.6-23.el5.src.rpm. Something in the way it builds under RedHat and clones requires building Qt with.

I have developed some project by Qt and now I want to distribute the binary of the projects with rpm.

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Status: Meaning TBD: Status unknown Started: The tracking bug report has an engineer assigned to the project Implemented: The module now can be compiled.

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Problem using QtCreator with RHEL 6.5. glibc-2.12-7.2.src.rpm. QtCreator can then be associated with the version of the Qt libraries supplied by ArcGIS,.Qt is a GUI software toolkit which simplifies the task of writing and maintaining GUI (Graphical User Interface).

To compile NifSkope, you need to do the following: get the NifSkope source code and Qt, set up the build environment, if necessary, compile Qt, and finally.

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Qt 4.6.3 and qt-creator 1.3.1-1 updates for Centos 5.5.src.rpm and made very few modifications to get it.Regardless of murmur version, you need to create iptables rules for murmur.

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Does QT come with a RedHat standard installation. implementation of the installation process whether or not QT should be on the target. qt-3.3.6-23.el5.src.rpm.

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Compiling the Linux kernel used to be a rite of passage, or just a necessity, for running Linux.

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Description: I try to rebuild a patched MySQL 5.5.23.src.rpm and get build errors during the build.There are two ways to build a custom kernel for CentOS. yum install qt-devel (This is only necessary if you wish to use make xconfig instead of make gconfig or.

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Information Security Services, News, Files, Tools, Exploits, Advisories and Whitepapers.It seems the following packages are not included in the RPM.