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Scrypt ASICs are on the digital currency mining scene in a big way.I would like to be able to monitor all my rigs from my main windows pc, and not have to login to each pi to check it.When your all set type in CGM and go back to the CGMiner screen (It takes a few for the Raspberry to re-boot so be patient like twenty seconds or so.Gridseed started the Scrypt ASIC miner race with its first foray into the market with the DualMiner.I was able to cut the amount of energy in half (from 8 watts to 4 watts per Gridseed without fan), and also build it with Raspberry Pi.I then added a fourth and it shows up in cgminer but the fourth Gridseed does not appear to do any work.Row of Gridseed litecoin. assume you will be mining a scrypt. mining software of.Click Here to Download High-Quality HD video to your Smartphone or Computer.

Gridseeds are great though if your electricity is expensive or you live in hot weather.I later found a moniter that i could hook it up to and it picked it up right away.I had that happen o one of my rigs it seems like if u use cheap class 2 SD cards they can cause this hangup so try using a good class 10 SD card and should not happen.Software When the Gridseed Miner is hooked up to a controller via USB the settings for the controller are accessed by its IP address in your web browser and no mining.I do have one running right now doing dual mining on my laptop running ubuntu, every 12 hours or so I have to restart them and when I read your tutorial on using the pi I ordered one right away.

Here is the command line I used to get it going with my 5 gridseeds.Pick your mining software from the Miners page on the left of the Sidebar. GRIDSEED ASIC dedicated server.I want to learn the fundamentals of Scrypt x11 mining. what set up,rig should I. (using raspberry pi 2, gridseed asic miner,.These come with 1-8 DC power splitters, you can get additional ones here.Find best value and selection for your Gridseed PCB with cooling fan USB MINER Scrypt Miner litecoin minning search on eBay.Just wanted to post an important note for those of you using OSX and using the Terminal commands for SSH.The page you are looking at is being generated dynamically by CodeIgniter.

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In the end i would like to contribute to the community and not just be an end user thanks for any help.I heard the chance of board blowing up on 80 chip is higher that you could lose lots of hash rates at onces.

I have the same sandisk 8gb c10 cards that have been shown in the videos.

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Step 6. Plug in all of your USB cables to your USB hubs then your a cable from each of USB hub to your Raspberry Pi.

ZeusMiner Scrypt ASIC Support for Windows. since they do require a special miner software with.


I know enough about linux to be dangerous without clear instructions.The image download page is down. keep getting error, not found.

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However I continually get segmentation faults with CGminer when running only 10 units on 1 pi.

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This site is not affiliated with BFGMiner and is not the official page of the software.Type in CGM and that will take you to the mining screen of CGMiner.

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PIMP team has created your favorite mining software such as.I have 11 running right now and also have a Gridseed blade coming next week.For those of you who are thinking about making your own Gridseed rig for Scrypt mining.The software bfgminer 4.0.0 has. though most of these are still for Bitcoin mining and not for Scrypt.I was able to load the software from raspberry and got raspberry stuff working.